Welcome to R3D Town, a New Build Server!

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Welcome to R3D Town, a New Build Server!

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:26 pm

Hello readers and hopefully talented builders! Are you interested in an opportunity to collaborate with fellow builders, access powerful server plugins all whilst having the capabilities to showcase your build projects in the online realm? If you are, then I believe R3D Town is the right place for you.

Having been a Minecraft obsessive in past years, I thought it was appropriate and rather necessary for me to contribute back to the community that I so leached from: this is my own act of generosity back to the Minecraft community.

I shall host a 56 slot 24/h European (specifically Amsterdam) based Minecraft server, primarily for building purposes, so that aspiring builders can showcase their work in the online realm. This server will be ran as a meritocracy and as players reveal their skills, and/or gain trust, they will be rewarded appropriately - mainly in the form of less restrictions governing WorldEdit and other commanding powers. I hope to implement a well designed rank system that will lead to the development of builders and also encourage them to strive for accomplishment in their building career, if you can call it such a thing.

If you are interested in joining, which you may well be, considering the potential benefits to alpha members, then I suggest you apply using this forum.

- R3D, Admin of R3D town.


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